Grey Expectations

by Bryant Eugene Vazquez

02:12 video


Album number two in a trilogy of studies exploring specific eras/movements in popular music.

All pop/rock songs, disguised to replicate the sounds of the mid-80s/early-90s noise/pop/rock/ shoegaze; all themed around the bitterness of winter.

Recorded using two dynamic microphones.


released September 30, 2016

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Bryant Eugene Vazquez

Mixing by Bryant Eugene Vazquez

Mastering by Andy Clarke

Album photography by Mackenzie Canavarro



all rights reserved


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Bryant Eugene Vazquez Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born in East LA.
Raised in the Southwest.
Fermented in Northern AZ.
Living on the East Coast.


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Track Name: Freezerburn
Apologies galore
My frozen tongue is bitten
I could still kiss you
With my blood

Your brittle heart is mine
You say it all the time
I could not thrill you
You’re divine

All my words like freezerburn
Cast aside
Cause you deserved
Something more

Oh, my love will freeze alone
Cast aside
Cause you deserve
Someone warm

Your breath is all but safe
And your permanence has drifted
I’m gonna miss you
When you go
The ice has formed a bridge
We know the way back home
I wouldn’t chase anymore
Track Name: Hindsight 20/20
Maybe the winter will go away
Maybe in autumn you’ll want to stay
Ah, do what you want to
You’re no one’s slave
Given the options--it’s best this way

It’s all over-rated & overplayed
Walk in a straight line
Without a weight
Ah, do what you’re gonna
All by yourself
Leave without warning
To some place else

Everything perfect—it could be great
Everything’s worthless—
Somebody says
Ah, sober and worthless
Repeating phase
Smile with hurt,
Here comes a new day
Track Name: Shivers, Shivers
Maybe she’s slipping away
Should I have to pretend?
Constantly shivering

You wear that dress
With some kind of intent
Summer indifference

When it’s cold in the dead of the July

Shiver—she’s slipping away
Could I try to pretend?
Tired of listening

Your coat of fear
Keeps you far though you’re near
Autumn indifference

While you sweat, and the snow disappears
Track Name: S.A.D.
I'm gonna waste my time
I'm gonna waste my life
Track Name: Yer My Summer
I would’ve wanted you
I would’ve wanted to
I really did love you then
But, summer just came and went
Honestly, you’re just not a feeling anymore.

You were my summer, til you went away.
You were my sunshine, I wanted to say.

Here comes the winter
It shows in the lake
Water is frozen
I wanted to lie
Track Name: Still Cold
It’s still cold outside
There’s nowhere to hide
It’s still cold out…
We’re barely a sigh

Don’t tell me you’re scared
The blizzard won’t last
But we’re both unprepared

The negative air…

It’s still cold outside
There’s nowhere to hide
It’s still could out…
We’re frozen with doubt

It’s just suicidal
The blizzard will come
It’ll be both our final
Track Name: Thawing
“We’re not immune to the winter, Emily, my dear.”

“Fog in the night is a blanket as we kiss—cruel. So, cruelly…”

And you save your deeps breaths.

Thawing, we pressed through

Silver skies and gloom.

“We were alive with the first snow—glistening new.”

“We were a sigh and a weakness shivering, too.”

“We’re not immune to the winter, Emily, my dear.”

“Fog in the night is a blanket as we kiss—cruel. So, cruelly…”
Track Name: Grey Expectations
He’s seen everything this
Cruel world has to offer
That’s besides the point
You’re his only lover now

She knows everything this
Cold world has to offer
She doesn’t have to search far
There’s not any other for her

“I know everything this cruel world has to offer me, but that’s besides the want... you’re my one and only girl.”

“I’ve seen everything this cold world has to offer me, from what I’ve discovered... you’re my only one.”

“I’m the one you want....”

“I don’t want another...”

“I don’t want no other girl.”

“Yeah, I don’t want no other to stand beside me now. I don’t want another... let me know your feelings.....”