All Damn Day/ The Greatest Hits

by Bryant Eugene Vazquez

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Aaris K. Singin' the hits! Favorite track: How To Go About It....
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Jeremy / HI54LOFI Daaang! A bunch of Bryant Eugene Vazquez tunes to listen to All-Damn-Day!!! Pretty Gotdamn! Favorite track: All-Damn-Day!!!.


These are my "pop" songs.

Philadelphia kicked my ass all over the place in 2014.
This is the result of such a thrashing.


released May 15, 2015

All songs written/ performed/ recorded by
Bryant Eugene Vazquez between 2014/2015 in Philadelphia, PA.

Mixed by Bryant Eugene Vazquez & Marcus Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA.

Mastered by Fred Huang in AZ.

Additional instrumentation:

Keyboard on "Be Not Afraid" performed by Marcus Kitchen

Additional background vocals on "Be Not Afraid" by Kelley Cosgrove

Trumpets on "How To Go About It..." by Kelley Cosgrove

Album art by Mackenzie Cannavaro

Album photo by Bryant Eugene Vazquez


all rights reserved



Bryant Eugene Vazquez Arizona

Born in East LA.

Raised in the Southwest.

Marinated in Northern AZ.

Fermented in Philly.

Currently under construction.

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Track Name: All-Damn-Day!!!
Reaching out upon the grey
Why can’t my hands stay still?
Trembling, mama!
Hit a wall with my whole face
Ate dirt and swallowed guilt
Shaking hard, still

Ain’t no pulse to keep my warm
No vision that could thrill
Whimpering harder!
Placed hands upon the wheel to grip
But, I-- I just can’t feel

Suns out
Breathing, keeping me here
Full heart, and feeling
Beating the fear
Living, and dear
I will live that way

Past days of my own filth
I scrape the grime away
Leaving me thinner
Waking up inside the shade
I dragged its weight around all goddamn day
I can eat the thoughts that ache
And still have room to fill: cavernous heart-box!
We can live inside the sigh,
Or tear ourselves again
Changing the same

Feel what you wanted
Take it and stay
Is that want you wanted?
Life and the grave
Track Name: Daaang! (Cool Hand Sam)
Cool and refined
Unaligned, its apropos
Now, get your kicks
Before you’re scraping by and old

Hey, say what you want
I’ve heard enough
And I’m ready to roll
All work and no play
Everyday, do as you’re told

Abuse the man
Take what you can
It’s your pot of gold
Don’t care to look back
Not that you’d care
Where's the fun in that?

Slave forty years
Now that you’re here
Is it good enough?
Bald bird don’t cry
Look at your sky
The red, white, and blues
Track Name: How To Go About It...
I’ll smoke til I can’t feel my tongue
I’ll drink until I float
My bloated conscience drags ashore
And everyone looks bored

Keep stealing my time, all of the time

I cannot speak the word again
Can’t slur its sound much more
I pierce my heart right through the brain
And choke its valve until it’s worn

Keep stealing my time, all of the time

The scribble’s on the wall, my friend
You’re bound to take a fall
You knew this day would come and now
Your number has been called
Welcome to your new crutch-filled world
Welcome to your new ruin
I never meant to break the horse
I just needed to rule it

Keep stealing my time, all of the time
Freewheelin’ the lie, I’ll be a sigh

The blue unsharpened blade that stabs
Can’t cut through the facade
A canvas shield you’re wrapped into
The multi-colored slobs
The next stranger you come across
Could be part of your life
But, no one really knows their roles
And anyway they’re liars
You just can’t keep tearing at the scabs
And expect them not to bleed
Your grip gets weaker by the minute
And your corpse-cage lungs just squeak

Keep stealing my time, all of the time
Freewheelin’ the lie, I’ll be a sigh
Track Name: What's Paisley? (City Blues)
Standing, smiling inside a room
Baby, I can’t help you
If you don’t help yourself, won’t help yourself
I’ll take the wrath here, right now
I take the wrath here, right now

The shitty blues
Ah, it can’t last
A whisper inside the room
We start listening
What to do
And they say...

Empty your plates
Drop off a line
Tell me once more
Just tell me you’re mine
Losing my grip
Living in grey
Walkin’ on stilts
Through the streets in a daze
Track Name: Pretty Gotdamn!
Hope is tired
Will let me down
Feel my limbs
Restless now
But, hold my ground
Where god plays
His son will let me down
Leveled ground will lift my pride

All is pretty!
It’s not too late!
Down to the last mistake
Still, in the early morning
City gloom
Let it drown
Lord, my hands!
Fire in my soul
I saw it move
And I saw the rain flood all In my soul
The rain floods all
All is pretty!
It’s not too late!
Down to the last mistake
Track Name: Ain't Nothin' Wrong With Cherie
I’d love to see your world, I would
I'd love to reach the center of that place
Would love to feel your face, I will
And on that fine day, I’ll kiss you hard
Just wait

Can you feel it?
Could you feel it?

My lungs
They lack the space
All smoke and tar
The constant coughing
I’m a waste
I’m nothing but ashamed
And there’s no telling
When I’m yelling
Where it goes away

Can you hear it?
Can you hear it?
Could you hear it?

And if it’s all the same
We’ll both do nothing
But, lay in bed
And drink and smoke and make it
It’s crazy, but let’s stay
The outside noise is all but loving
Unlike the noise we make

Can you see it?
Could you see it?
Can you see it?
Could you see it?
Can you see it?
Could you see it?

Oh, don’t turn around
Do not turn to grey
Much still to grow
I’d tear off your clothes

“How much did that cost?”
“Oh, that’s cool...”
Track Name: The Barber's Son
I’m a painter
And a diplomat
Or an artist who can shape the glass
I’m a colonel
and a poet, man
Don’t you know?

I don’t run from day
But, I can’t sleep at night
Love has learned me well
A good scrap is fine
But, my father, he’s a barber
And he can’t tell

I don’t want to let you down
The seeds in my front yard won’t grow
The fence is looking busted up, for sure
The boots I wear have got holes in them
Now everything makes perfect sense
‘Cept that one time, when I left the race
Cause you said

I’ll be there with the light
I’ll be there with the light
I’ll be there with the lie

Don’t stop staring
You alone
Each to his own
We was dumb, man
We gave it all
Gave up the throne
For all we know
Rain sticks around with a hiss
A two dollar bill in his fist
Always figured you’d amount to more
Track Name: Madcap?!
Don’t wait for me
Cause I ain’t sure I’m supposed to be
I’m not there
I’m no station, there’s no fare

Don’t ask the trees
I do not dangle from them, see
I was a kid
And all that’s passed
Now, I’m a freak

Wish I could swim
Or learn to fly without the spins
It’s a mental thing
And babe, it’s always been

I stole some time
You stole some heart
My carpet’s fine
It’s got stains
I left my life out in the rain

Who’s eyes are those?
Those lips were mine
Now, I suppose
I don’t care
I’ll cut my hair
But, what to wear

Red, blue, and rare
Unfurled tongue flaps through the air
Catch it now
Roll it up
And eat the stares
Track Name: Mexican-American Modernist
Out of darkness
Still in the night
Showered by rains
During daylight
She said she fears
The lack of color in my eyes
Said, “maybe it’s your sight that’s losing sense?”
“Observe me well--the evidence!”
“I took the trolley, comin’home...”
Waiting in suspense

And though I cannot see
Staring nakedly
The clown paint still works
And hard laughs can hurt

Holding hands with consequence
Spitting up against the winds
A doctor says I’ve got to quit
But, he don’t exist
If every word could come to terms
Or come alive, or maybe worse
Tear through the thick skins of the Earth
Rivers down my spine

Track Name: Le Sigh/Love Spit
King of dirt
Queen of the wine
Boas and furs dress down to grime
Him in her skirt
Vintage in rags
She in his boots makes her feel real bad
Buddy makes pals with the devil
Olga is sweet, but she ain’t well
Buddy been gone for a long time
Olga writes songs, but they don’t rhyme

Something gone wrong
Come on now, please do tell
Throw me bone
While I sit in this cell
You’re so tough it hurts
It felt good at first
As true love’s spit

Dear you,

Whom I adore:

Give me your world, and I’d yell evermore.
Give me that stare-down-the-door.
Track Name: 2nd Time Around
If I return to you
I’m not the same
My kiss may seem familiar
My touch may still feel true
If you came back to my arms
It’s not enough
The guilt would steal my will
And my heart would cease to pump

Ah, can we not lie?
Can we not trust?
Can we be wise?
Ah, can we not try?
Can we not trust?
Do we just die?

I pass the thoughts of still years
All dressed in moss
The crops we planted, my dear
Never grew for us
We never were for long time
We just lived to rust
An empty face cannot love a cold grip

Ah, can we not lie?
Can we not lust?
Can we be wise?
Ah, can we not try?
Can we not trust?
Do we just die?

Ah, the reaper sighs
Our naked lust
These filthy lies
Ah, we do not trust
As we both walk
We will pass by
Track Name: Fischer Ain't Yer Mate
A bleeding tree
Oh my, oh my, oh my
The burning leaf
The limbs
The guru of all mimes
It’s pages short
Now come on, do the twist!
Promenade in rhyme,
Cat got your tongue!

That’s not right
It’s just cool
Time alone enough to prove
Don’t want to be a freak
Don’t want the grief to show

The man with only songs
Keeps going on, and on, and on, he sings,
“The best is yet to come! This wine, this whore
Is all the love I get!”
Conversation stale
He dresses well

Hey, that’s just fine
That’s just drool
Chamomile and 80 proof
Don’t want the tune to sell?
You gotta kiss the crow

The cretin glamour god
Chews while it talks
Tonight a meal of lead
The movement of our times
Point blank
Sweat shirt
No meaning, only thrills
Everything must go on bargain souls

Hey, that’s not mine
Hey, that’s just glue
Trembling eyes
And two plus two
Don’t need no dotted line
Don’t got no river flow
Baby, baby, rabies
Mashed potato
Save me
Ain’t got no goddamn sense
Ain’t got the brains to go!
Track Name: Be Not Afraid
You know about my baby?
Neither do I?
She ran off with some other
I can’t be surprised
I was a dog

You know about closeness?
You know about fear?
They’re lovers without guilt
They’re one and one, my dear
It’s so true

You know about roses?
Nor do I?
I never met a woman
With those kind of eyes
She’s so clear

You about Satan?
You might know him well
Man, what a mess, it kills
When I’m feeling ill, it’s so real

You know about crazy?
You know about pills?
I’m peeling every layer
Every time I die, I can’t tell

You know about Jesus?
A stand up guy
Disciples follow those
Who know when to be wise
But, what to heal?

You know about my black boots?
The Cuban heels
Yeah, they were taken from me
Evidence concealed to reveal
What I already knew

You know about shelter?
The streets at night
I’ve seen too many struggle
Just to stay alive
There’s no yield

You know about fury?
You know about hell?
You know about comfort?
Let me show you how to yell!
It feels so good! Yes, it do!

You know about fire?
The wild and rare
The fuel to keep it burning
Secret unaware is best left alone

You know about one nights?
Midnight romance
You know about Catherine?
She gone done me
And then she ran
I’d been had

You know about Roethke?
American, man!
In langue strict and pure
Master poet of the verse
In plain words

You know about limbo?
The stagnant time
You’ll know about movement
When you stop trying to fight
Throw down the gloves

You know about New York?
The big city blues
She felt malnourished
As I trudged all through her roots
In used shoes

You know about my demons?
You know about my saints?
I’m your dirty tampon
Then you go away
I get sad, yes I do

You know about nothing?
That’s all there is
Be not afraid
For life itself is just a piss
No need for grace

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