by Bryant Eugene Vazquez



Lo-fi album via shoebox recorder.
Songs written/finalized between August-September of 2012.


released February 2, 2013

All songs written/performed/recorded by Bryant Eugene Vazquez.



all rights reserved


Bryant Eugene Vazquez Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born in East LA.
Raised in the Southwest.
Fermented in Northern AZ.
Living on the East Coast.

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Track Name: Comfort
Everyone quiet down.
I can't hear a scream.
Belly's all torn apart.
Bursting at the seams.
Seems as though I'm ready,
but I'm betting that the worst's
yet to be seen.
Who let the monster out?
Lives inside of me.
Crushing my lungs to hault,
I can't even breathe.
Seems as though I'm ready,
I feel heavy now.
My heart starts skipping beats.
Brain does a round about.
Soul as dry as heat.
Cold sweat building up.
Spitting up the sins.
Seems as though I'm ready,
I've been letting go.
I'm losing all my days.
Track Name: Harvester
Oh, where the water went.
I've searched the dams and wells,
for where it went.
Now, every tree will die.
And you and I, and every tree
will die.
Mankind cease to exist.
And you and I, mankind cease
to exist.
Now, man and beast are foe.
Though man and beast were one,
were once before.
Brother, don't kill yourself.
Father, man, he done us wrong.
Don't kill ourselves.
No God could shed his tears. (can)
Look to the skies above,
nothing appears.
Track Name: Carmine (The Painter's Song)
The ghost, I suppose he knows
and he'll waste me.
Goes door to door, asks for more.
Breath betrays.
Shatters my ears.
Screams nature in my skin.
Curdled and calm, brutal waves blending
into the sky. Carmine.
Crippled in stance,
raise both hands to the horror
on my face. People stare, but don't
bother. Silhouettes and skin,
sweating the attack. "Yellow!," she cries
to the heavens. Yell back, "Oh my!"
Track Name: Romper
I saw it take you to a place I've not been.
Turned pale from the traumas,
my life's a tailspin.
ooh, it aches you. and breaks you within.
got no love. your supporters are all glasses
filled with liquids.
place all your luck on chances of fortune.
you went and just spent every cent,
every portion ain't yours.
I don't believe it. You're a gonner. And I'm gone.
It's that ole song...

I saw the sky from a silver spoon,
caught the glance of your eyes in the
gloss of the moon.
Smeared as it was, I believed it to be true.
Drank the bottle up. Broke the glass, and howled for you.
Oh, stifled glory... makes this man want you more.
I'll scream bloody hell til you're here in my world.
We'll dissolve, and be just like water.
We'll flow. That one song you know...
Track Name: Gold and Mud
Who is the enemy?
And am I beside myself?
Standing there in front of me, is me.
I wrote a song I could forget.
About a girl that I just met.
About a sun that's never set,
but bleeds.
The sky's ablaze in violent reds.
I stop to scream til out of breath.
Inhale it all.
Dear brother Death, it's me.
Wish I was a selfish man.
Wish that I'd made better plans.
The plans I got, don't understand the grief.
Satistfies me down to the bone.
In company, but still alone.
You call the shots, I'll call you home.
Track Name: Dogface (Don't You Touch Her)
Baby don't send me home.
I don't want to be lonesome.
Wrap me up in your arms.
Lover's nest, keep from harm.
Yeah I know, I know what I did.
I did you wrong.
When it came to give or take,
I wasn't strong.
Took for granted when all along,
it was you.
I'll tell you where to run
if you become blue.
Little boy lost for you.
Speaking truths,
changing moods.
Radio station plays
all the hits of the day.
Morning came, so did you.
Pace yourself. Aren't we fools?
Shed my skin to your delight.
I became new.
I'm a blinded gypsy boy.
I speak in mute.
Your countesses all divine, exposed.
I suppose.
These paper roses, they won't die on you.
Track Name: Dead Already, Dead Again
As far as I can tell.
I gather like fog
and I fall like hail.
A pile of leaves,
a red sea unveils.
Shovel the Earth as you dig my trail.
Cover me up with each thing I've owned.
Bury me well between trees of bones.
And feeding the worms, I'll become their faith.
Crumble like mud and your very last words.
Carry me, carry me off to hell.
Better yet, don't. Forget I failed.
Carve me a heart of sand, of stone.
Leave it by me, and then leave alone.
Track Name: Fencer in the Mirror
I'd sooner throw myself in a ditch.
Well I'm stuck on what I said, I did.
Toss me around in this town of lead.
I've been carrying on though I know I'm dead.
Valley of freaks, I'd be crowned the king.
Here is a man who's surely lost his shit.
Losing myself, I'll lose my friends.
Fill me a shot and I will surely drink.
Use me tonight and lay in my bed.
Leave in the morn and act like we never did.
Give me a taste and then take away.
Walk out the door in that ole wanton way.
I've been thinkin' a lot to myself-
Hey, grab me a rope cause I think it'll help.
Here in this room.
Here on this bench.
This is my day, and I think it well spent.
Locked up at home, and locked in my brain.
Lesser I talk, the less the words will stain.
Track Name: Volunteer's Dilemma
There's relapse in her visions,
distracting superstitions.
Five leaves left in her kisses.
Autumn's sting. (leaves)
I forfit every season.
I'll dissect it,
Kill each reason.
I'm a wreck of ritualistic properties.
I won't give in. I give nothing.
Send me best to her wants,
and then arrest me and my ghostly company.
I don't want to give up. I give nothing.
There's relapse in her visions.
Distracting superstitions.
Five leaves left in her kisses.