by Bryant Eugene Vazquez

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An epic in lo-fi form, exploring the many interests/genres of Bryant Eugene Vazquez.

Recorded in scattered, drunken sessions between the months of February through July 2012.

Recorded with one shitty microphone, a Tascam Portastudio 414 mk II, an abundance of Oak Leaf, a lot of tapes, and many stories of the macabre.


released May 2, 2013

All songs written/performed/recorded by Bryant Eugene Vazquez.

Album artwork: Seth Angle

Additional instruments/appearances:

Ben Velazco: background yells on *Purple Fringe, snare/vibraslap, harmonies on "Cover Yer Ears, Darlin'

Chris Vazquez: drums on "Ugly Things to Say

John Kelly: saxophone on *Gossamer Wump (I'm-a Man)

Mixing/Mastering by Alex Begay @ Mesa Tracks



all rights reserved


Bryant Eugene Vazquez Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born in East LA.
Raised in the Southwest.
Fermented in Northern AZ.
Living on the East Coast.

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Track Name: Doppelganger Special (2 for 1)
Cheap imitation skin and wake up without sin.
Between the hours of the sun, the moon,
and the binging on the booze,
"Keep them comin' quick, you know I ain't got
much to lose."
She never let him in, she kept him in the dark.
Pulled the trigger, started mimicking a gun shot on the prowl.
Keep your thoughts at bay, there's no one here that lives.
There's no one here to save your day.
She never had class, lacked in sensitivity.
Thought the synonym of love meant fucking anything that breathes.
Come on, baby. Get down on your knees and show me something
I've not seen.
Because I'm comin' around- I'll make it.
I'm comin' around- I'll take it.
Track Name: She Fell Asleep Upon the Blanket
Well, it started last night when we spoke that mess
Not a word was said cept a peep that spread like the
dark after the light leave us alone
"Hey, I played that song you like!"
You said, "Man, this ain't right, just make my night!
Dead flowers don't make no sense, even if you're heart was full
and set in the right place."

Who went down to Hoover town and brought you back a
brand new gown? My guess is the man who's dressed in the blood
red tie, and wears black most all the time.

"That ain't your problem," she said. And broke down to the sound of
a Superman swig from a bottle of death-
the same brand her mama drinks.
Take this car and leave far behind, same road that I drove about sixty-seven
times that week alone. Found love in a parking lot home.

Who went down to Hoover town and found himself a gun street gal?
That's me. That's me. Cause you lie, you lie.

Said, "I'll take you back I guess... We'll make love in masks, cause we're
second-hand blessed. Tear down the doors tot he place, with the music we make."
She was just as fake. Plastic tears paraded down her Barbie doll face. I left as fast
as I could-no trace. Cept a couple of sheet I left behind that came with the place.
Track Name: Purple Fringe
He ran around down town with a song stuck in his head
Got a brand new dog he named "man's best friend"
Got a fresh new pair of fake alligator boots
At no cost to him, cept a week's worth of food
He got all cleaned up with a sawmill blade
Wore a used new suit made of cinnamon suede
He's on the fringe

He's got an ashtray face and a cemetery heart
With a boxcar brain that sold for less than what he bought
Midnight train spoke softly as he slept
A load of sentimental words
Never knew just what they meant
Flyswatter mouth floods-projecting every dream
Got a low down friend who says she's every bodies cream
He's on the fringe

No name, no place, but it started with a kiss from a gun street girl
Snake hips and venom lips
Sweet hiss in her speech, rattle shakes, her sexy bones
Ghost ferriswheel girl deals everyone a turn

Five star stare, goldilock hair
Ruby cheeks and purple eyes
Seems like no one was ever there
Run around town with a pocket full of change
Ghost tramp girl, come on, make me feel strange
Track Name: Chango, Beer Me!
"How much this gonna cost me,
and what way should I pay? I'm all about touch,
show me how you sway."

Circumvent the dialogue, she's lookin' to be paid.

"Well, that's okay with me, as long as there's foreplay,
I want to eat tonight."

Too low- too numb, she sighs, "Hey, man. Is this your first time?"
I said, "No" and then a "Why" Do I seem the type?"

"We both got needs: You need the dough, and I need a real good time."

For me it's all the same. Ain't got no shame. Baby, I'm lonely. Lonely.
So, cash or credit? Or debit? Don't sweat it, I'm only lonely.

"This job is a drug and so am I. The job is done and I want to cry. I feel like
less with every time."

"I feel like more. I feel alive"

"The day is done. I wanna die"

"The day is dead. I want to die."

"I want to die."
Track Name: Eastern Coma
Swept under rug. Distract you from the mess.
Collect love with the dust, collected with the rest.
Kill hearts with a smothering, cheap temptation with each kiss.
Not your lips though, I ain't worthy.
Now they ain't mine for to miss.
Yeah, you gave me worries. But, you gave me bliss.
You loved me in a hurry, but forgot to close the lid.
When we built your garden, drowned the seeds with our regrets.
Ghosts frew from the soil, left us haunted with each breath.
And now I don't talk to strangers. Now I do not lift a limb.
I've sacrificed my laughter for a dream we'll never live.
"Who are you?" Something she said...
Track Name: Gossamer Wump (I'm-a Man)
Baby, it's true.
I'm-a man of views.
I walk on that wire,
change my mind everyday.
Ain't that news? (true)

Don't break me down,
gimme time to prove...

Baby it's true.
I'm-a man of use.
But, I want more.
Sometimes more, more
than I can choose.
I might need some help
from time to time,
when it's more than I can chew.

Baby, so you know.
I'm-a man of truth.
I'm-a hold you tight.
I'm-a make it right
anytime you feel blue.

Just gimme time,
give me time to prove.
Track Name: Cáscara
Stranger inside the room.
Sicker-he's thinner than you.
Does not do well with lies.
Fists tied, blistered inside.
Won't you please let go?
See sleepy nights.
Oak Leaf, there's wine.
I trust in form.
I wear my story well.
I don the mask,
I wear it passed my sleeve.
Don't you play, "Where you go?"
Dont you plea, "Let go."
Don't you let me be slow.
Don't you drown me in the river that flows,
cause you know it's not the end.
Ven aca- y dime lo que paso.
Las cáscara de mis sueños es peor.
Y metete depues en las calles que dan.
Dan sueño, calor- dan daño meterme en amor.
Track Name: Ugly Things to Say
Live with leeches
Speechless- I can't afford
the money. The color's absorbed.
In people- their eyes- they're plastic- disguised.
They're beasts and they'll come just to feast of the lies.
But, I could make it if I tried. Behead you in honor- some weep,
while others they'll hide. Two-faced. Two-timed. Too much. My pride.

There's nothing here that hasn't stayed the same.
She comes, she goes. You make some friends-they're fake.
But, hey, you know. You know there's nothing here that hasn't
stayed the same.

And as he arrived, the bottles they stared. All empty,
all naked, they danced and the glared.
He dropped his body to the ground. But, not a whisper or a
sound could compare to the voices he knew stained the air.
A rap at the door-he saw the figure of some whore.
Swore she knew him before, but he wasn't sure.
Threw his nickels and his dimes. Oh, just to please her one
more time. He knew dusk til dawn. But, since then all the women have gone.

There's not a dame here that doesn't taste the same. There's not enough
drinks ever could tame or fill. Deliver me still. Religion to follow? Just
workship the bottle and be. All stagnant each dream. Destroy or create. Rebuild
everything everyday.

My tongue swells with ugly things to say.
It catapults each thought like a plague.
There's a cure. If I speak long enough, they'll transform from the slurs.
Track Name: Be Hollow
Started with a whistling train
Discared bottles of cheap champagne
Wanted warmth, but the wind's
got nothing in store. It brings nobody close.
But, every breath she takes in is a cloud of smoke.
And all she's got to do is say when...
Scar-hearted from the years that've torn
every layere of love. Come on, get this while
it's culled.
See you around next year. When the next winter
drags in something new to fear. And reason is a bottle of booze.
Hey, say what you will. I ain't that ashamed. This ain't news.
City, I give you back.
Take it all, it's yours.
The sights and the sounds, drab clowns without parade.
I don't need it, and I've got my own face to paint.
Murder, well that's just my game.
So, killer is what you call me. It's all the same, I guess.
I'd just rather have a name.
Track Name: Cover Yer Ears, Darlin'
Darlin' I can't help myself, can't help myself.
Darlin' I can't help myself, steer from this hell.
And everytime you come around, you've got some tale.
Well, honey I can't help but try to kill myself.
I got carried away. Baby, cover your ears, let me get my way.
Track Name: Heavy Cream
Heavy cream.
I'm in a car. I'm on the road.
You're at home. Don't you know?
You hang on every word.
Oh, you're a pencil on the floor,
that doesn't sharpen anymore.
You're the groove without the bend.
You got nothing left to prove-
it's the end.
And I'll be lying if I said I never cried
myself to bed- cause I didn't.
But, the thought was in my head.
Oh, you're a roulette dare.
Our stare a gun. Each eye a bullet.
Trigger finger- go on, pull it.
Track Name: Dogs Speak in Broken Spanish
Some dogs, they'll never find a home.
They'll wander 'bout the streets.
Pretend they've always been alone,
they got no one to meet.

Without a trail, a sense of smell,
got washed out in the rains.
Now, disregard the seasons,
cause the weather's all the same.

Too much to want, to have to give-
the story still remains,
But, unlike you, I had this view
we'd never be estranged.

We took a break-both walked away,
I stumbled til astray.
I lost my cause,
don't got a heart-
I got a kennel cage.

She's a lover.
I'm a bandit.
We're together, but can't stand it.
I'm a drinker.
She's a habit.
If it weren't for broken Spanish-I'd be there.

I'm her lover,
she can't hack it.
Got me doin' time
for past crimes-
cause it's "fair".
Baby, how's this for detachment?
I'm not there.
Track Name: Factory God
The deed will speak the truth-
in language pure.
But, I speak too soon.
For the martyr's in their graves.
They dissect themselves- no love, no grace.
We don't know their cause- just some factory God.
We don't know their cause- it's just some factory
God. Man-made and modified.
We don't know the laws- you're just some factory God.
Proclaimed salvation costs a bit.
God saves for a nickel. Gold-plate cross. Faith bought.
Watch the trickle grow. Repent, man is fickle. Fuck, you're
false. And so am I.
Go ahead, man. Run and hide yourself. Prayer for you now,
they're fairytales. Watch the good folk die. Then the women
cry. No food. No dough. Let's multiply. Make more.
Make a mess. It ain't enough. Kill yourself in a rush-
that's heaven's bluff.