by Bryant Eugene Vazquez



Written and recorded between August and December of 2017.

A rock and roll album recorded in my apartment in Southwest Philly using two mics.


released May 5, 2018

Written, Performed, and Recorded by Bryant Eugene Vazquez.

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Philadelphia PA.

Album cover by Mackenzie Canavarro, Philadelphia, PA.


all rights reserved



Bryant Eugene Vazquez Arizona

Born in East LA.

Raised in the Southwest.

Marinated in Northern AZ.

Fermented in Philly.

Currently under construction.

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Track Name: On Mute
You won't say something,
but you don't agree.
You're rather quiet
when you try to speak.

You don't take part
in spilling blood,
but your lack of words
are just as good!

You turn away
cause you can't see,
or don't know why
both are lethal deeds.

White hooded fools
with their fatal prides,
refuse to learn
they'd much rather die!

They never changed
they just hid well.
Their ignorance
no longer stealth.

There'll come a time
all words will fail,
and fists will fly
and war unveils!

The world repeats the
same mistakes,
just whose blood
do you think it takes?

The flag flies,
but it's looking pale:
the truth is they have never cared.

Corrupt times like we've never known,
We're right back where we've been before.
You don't say what you think you should:

The world bleeds
with or without you!
Track Name: So, So
I've been feeling empty
without you
it's true

Forget the expectations
I'm through
being used

It's no worry
Cause I already knew
It's so bad, it's so good

I've been feeling tired
and I'm all undone

I've been feeling so down
like the blues
it's no fun

It's not all that it seems to be
it's true
It's so bad, and so good

I've been feeling useless
like I don't have a clue

I've been very restless
like there ain't much to do

I'm no stranger
to the loneliest view

It's so bad, it's so good

It's so bad
Track Name: Stagnant Truths
Can believe this shit keeps going on?
I know it doesn't make sense
You'd think by now this world would get along
I know it's always been a mess

What's right is right
What's wrong is wrong, I thought
The hell, what are we doin' here?
There's people out there living day and night
inside a constant state of fear!

How desperate does this nation need to get
Before it starts to comprehend?
How many deaths must we have to endure
Before we learn to make amends?

I'm sick of seeing all these coward men
and women walking around this place,
I'm sick of having to see murdering
shoved in my face most everyday!

What's wrong is wrong
Some things will never change
all hate based purely on the skin
I'd like to beat a nazi down to pulp
Some rather try to make them see

But I'll be damned if violence doesn't solve
these problems happening to we!
Some people just don't want learn at all:
they're blind, they're sick, they don't want peace

The party platform is a dinosaur
The party concept is a bust
Whose on whose side is what I'm thinking of
The question burning in my gut

It's easier to know when bigots march
And when a troll is at the throne
It's easier to know which side I'm not:
The side that preaches 45
Track Name: 9 7 17 (Nothin' Special)
While we're still alive
this might be the time
to say 'I love you'

Sure things could get worse
almost as a curse
we all have hid

Babies still get born
structures being torn down
all around them

Summer's last breath felt
almost as a belt
across my face

I don't want to wait,
I'd like to be there when it hits.
And I would like to hold your hand
in mine until the lights dim

Shadows grow like plants
left untamed
they've spread unto the masses

It's a privilege just to sit
in comfort to complain
about such things

Final pair of lips
ready, set to kiss
this all away

Concrete castles reign
I can't stand the day
without your ways

I don't want to wait,
I'd like to be there when it all hits.
And I would like to hold your hand
in mine til the light dims

Flowers bloom astray
rats maintain the balance of decay

Civilized, they swear
prayers serve as pillows
for the dammed

Differences aren't rare
I don't even care
it's your life to live

Call it what you will
happiness or hopelessness or fear
Track Name: (W)retch
Go ahead and feel the way you do (ooo)
You're fine alone, there's nothin' to it (ooo)

Just don't think
Too much and you'll start

Pay no mind,
the screaming goes on inside

Those people runnin' from the truth
They don't want to hear a thing about it
They don't care about the proof

(They're gonna bleed)

They wanna bleed out
Let'em do it
Of course it doesn't matter much to me
If they live or die
Those fools
They're gonna bleed

(Oooooh) 2x's

Just can’t be,
The anger is all you need

Still can't tell
It's almost a perfect Hell

Yeah, it is.

Just don't think,
Too much and you'll start to drink

Pay no mind,
the screaming goes on inside

The (a) screaming goes on inside
(All retch no vomit)
(All the time)

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